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logoOur affordable Chelmsford locksmiths are available for a whole range of services, for residential and commercial properties alike. We specialise in all locked out and lost key scenarios and do so efficiently and on site. We provide several security-related services, which you can discover for yourself below. And of course, we welcome you to call us if you have any specific questions or whether you’re looking for a quote.



Commercial Lock Services Chelmsford



We’re capable of handling all specific lock services and types. Our service includes set up, installations and repairs and inspections for high security locks and master key systems Chelmsford wide. No matter the size or the complexity we can effectively safeguard your property, whether it’s a residence, office, store, warehouse or industrial site. We do card access systems, access controls and door closures.



Safe Technicians Chelmsford



We are trained safe technicians with years of experience in handling all types of safes and vaults. If you’re experiencing any problems with your safe then our professionals can fix it. We carry out safe-breaking procedures both for standard safes, walls safes, digital safes and cash vaults. We are able to service both domestic safes and larger ones, such as a financial institution. We can also change safe combinations.



Lock Replacement/ Lock Fitting and Installations, Chelmsford



If you’re experiencing jammed or faulty locks, then our lock-fitting and replacement service, is the answer you need. We offer all types of lock intsllation and repairs at reasonable prices. We are also available for lock upgrades for your home, office or warehouse, that will keep your property as secure as can be. For discover more about our lock-fitting service, call us today and get a free quote!





Burglary Repairs Chelmsford



Burglaries can happen and if you’ve been unfortunate enough to have gone through such an experience, you might want to consider how better to secure your home. Our first rate burglary repair service, involves upgrading locks on doors, windows and terraces for stronger security. We might also be able to repair locks that have been broken during a burglary.






Locked Out & Lost keys Chelmsford Services



We provide on site key cutting and can assist with situations in which you’ve lost keys or have been locked out. This goes for both home and office as well lost car keys. We’ve been doing this for years and we’re sure we can fix your problem quickly and with a minimum of delay. For key replacements we recreate master keys for house and cars. We have the skills to open locks while causing the minimum of damage and reducing the need for a complete lock replacement.



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