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Although recent statistics show a downward trend in the number of burglary’s per year, there are still some 700,000 burglaries per year in the UK. The above infographic illustrates several ways you can help prevent burglary in your property. We personally recommend several security measures you can take to help reduce the risk of someone entering your home or office.


There are a variety of home protection keypad systems, however, the best of all has to be the all-in-one home security keypad system that features controls for your appliances, door locks, energy, security lights and alarm systems. When you go for this device, ensure that it has a highly intuitive and easy to use user-interface.


Alternatively, or in conjunction with keypad systems, you might consider wireless alarms. These alarm systems are an essential part of your home security since they allow you to easily arm, disarm or engage a touch panic button from whichever room of your house you are in. Most of them store up to 3 access codes to enable different family members to use it from different locations.


If you want to go the whole distance you can also install security lights that alert you to people on your premises. The current crime statistics require adequate security measures and sensory detectors will not disappoint. This is because these gadgets can detect motion and alert the owner of a possible intrusion. The better part is that they can be designated to specific zones or even set to accommodate pet movements.


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– Richard Jenkins, Manager

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